About Us

When I was in high school, I decided that I wanted my first (girl) child to be named Calypso Rose. It was feminine and girly, and not a common name. Then I started thinking about all of the nicknames that could come from that name, and I decided that it wouldn't be in my future child's best interest to have that name (I named her Jordyn instead!)

Little did I know that I would eventually use that name for my first baby, my business. I didn't know it at the time but realize now that Calypso Rose was the perfect name for my business. Just like how I originally imagined my first child, while some of my products are feminine and girly, they aren't necessarily something you would find anywhere.

I hope that you will find something wonderful, something unique, but most of all, something that's perfect for either you or the person you may be gifting to.

Welcome to Calypso Rose Designs.

We are based out of Northern Virginia, about 10 miles outside of Washington DC. I, along with the assistance and support of my wonderful husband, run Calypso Rose Designs.

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